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Wesleyan Chapel

Wesleyan Chapel

Just visible next to St Martin’s Church is the former Wesleyan Chapel.

John Wesley made many visits to Haverfordwest, his 14th and last being in 1790 when he was 87 years old. Wesley enjoyed coming to south Pembrokeshire because he knew that it was one of the few areas in Wales where his preaching would be understood.

The entries in his meticulously kept journals in respect of the populace of the town changed over the years from initially hazarding the thought that they might, ‘be persuaded to become Christian’, to ones of extreme pride on the completion of the first Preaching House on the north side of St Martin’s Church which he described as the “neatest in Wales.”

This building was completed (as a rebuild) in 1818 but there were many alterations and additions over the following 150 years.

Structural problems necessitated the closure of the Chapel in 1985 when most of its members transferred to the Albany United Reformed Methodist Church in Hill Street.

The Wesleyan Chapel is being developed into flats.


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